Thursday, August 10, 2006

As if....

I know, I know....I'm sitting here typing as if anyone would be
interested. I do feel obligated though, since Sinner over at
Don't Hire Deb was gracious enough to link here.
He is performing a great public service for all of us
train-wreck watchers.

I have to admit that I've been following that train wreck since
the beginning over at Protein Wisdom, Jeff and the gang just
plain make me laugh. Michelle Malkin is my other favorite
blog, she's my hero! (I like to play with the Digg-this buttons too).

Other than those few blogs and the news, I don't spend as
much time online as I used to. We've got three children
(13, 15, & 17) who keep me on my toes. Not to mention a dog,
a cat, a turtle, and a crowd of humming birds that depend
on me. Which reminds me....time to fill the feeder!

Well, gotta go. It wasn't so painful, maybe I'll tell ya'll
some more later. Thanks for visiting!