Monday, September 11, 2006

5 Years later...

5 years ago today, I was exactly where I am right now. Since we homeschool, I was at my desk getting our lessons ready for the day. Our 3 children were in various states of getting up and my husband, who just so happened didn't have to be into work until late that morning, was getting dressed. As always Fox and Friends was on the TV.

Having grown up 20 miles north of NYC with my father who commuted there everday on the train, I spent a lot of time there. I remember when they finished the Towers, I was just a kid...

Now in Eastern, NC I heard E.D. say a plane had just hit the World Trade Center, called Dan and the kids to the TV and watched in disbelief as a second plane hit on live TV. At 9:01am I knew our world had changed, it was no accident, our country was under attack. I will be forever thankful that we were able to all be together that morning. We wept and prayed for those who died, those who were dying or trapped, those who were rescuing, the families, and for our country.

As the hours wore on, the plane hit the Pentagon, another hit the field in PA, and the Towers crashed to the ground. Then the deafening silence in the skies...

Little did I know, as I planned the lessons for that day at 8:45am, that in the next minute it would all change so drastically.
What we learned that day we will never...must never forget.


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