Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday mornin

Well, it's another Saturday mornin and all is peachy! Getting warm again here, we have had a little fall-type weather, but it looks like it's back to high 80's and sticky in good ol' eastern NC.
I'm not compaining though, I love it here!

The people are the best! The whole "southern hospitality" thing is no myth, I'm happy to report it's alive and well. I'm a yankee by birth and a southerner by choice. My family thinks I'm nuts for loving this little middle-of-nowhere town, but they thought that before I moved anyway. I actually don't even live in the town...I live about 6 miles out amongst the cows, hogs and turkeys! LOL No lie, I am bordered on 3 sides by cows! My neighbors are all farmers and live stock.

The people I have met here, I feel like I've known them all my life and are the best friends I could ever hope for. My name on here came from one of them telling me I've been "southernified", which turned into southernfried yankee.


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