Monday, October 09, 2006


October!! Teh Yay! I love October! Open the windows, trim the bushes, spread the pine straw and then....trip to the pumpkin patch!!!! Alas, my youngest will be 14 this week...good news though, she still wants to trick or treat, Teh double Yay!! And let's not forget the Haunted Hayride put on by our local VFD!!! I think my sons are going to volunteer to dress up as zombies, fire up the fog machine and man the chain saws (sans chains) and scare us all again, they had a blast with it last year!

We don't get any T or T'ers way out in the country, but we decorate and buy candy anyway! Read E. A. Poe and Washinton Irving's Sleepy Hollow aloud! This is a must since I grew up in the town about which it was written - North Tarrytown, NY. My HS was actually named Sleepy Hollow HS and we were the Headless Horsemen LOL! After I moved away they renamed the town (village) Sleepy Hollow to take advantage of the tourism. We used to go to the Old Dutch Cemetery, tell ghost stories and wait to hear the Hooves of the Headless Horseman. It was as beautiful as good ole' WI described even when I lived there, it's grown and changed so much since then, I don't have the heart to go back. It was a perfect place to write fairey tales about and to be a kid...great memories!

Have a wonderful October and a Happy Halloween!